AdNet 4 Port USB Hub with Switch and LED Indicator USB Adapter

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  • Connectivity: High-Speed (Upto 480Mbps)
  • LED indicator, Switch On/Off
  • 100mA current per port, USB 2.0 With 4 Ports
  • Compact and light weight
  • With power option to connect heavy devices
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AdNet 4 Port USB Hub

4 Port USB Hub to Multiply your productivity while personal computing comes with Switch and LED Indicator. You can connect several peripherals and mass storage devices with your desktop/notebook PC via this 4 Port USB Hub. Transmit digital data or simultaneously use many USB gadgets like printers, keyboards, mice, game consoles and more. The 4 Port USB Hub helps to maximize your multitasking efficiency by letting you install up to four USB peripherals and storage tools, such as, thumb memory sticks, external hard drives etc.

Option to Sync Heavy-Duty Gadgets

Power option available on the 4 Port USB Hub allows you to connect heavy-duty gadgets with it. You don’t need to think about whether device is small or large as this power option enables connectivity with heavy-duty electronics. Put together, this 4 Port USB Hub supports a compatibility with up to 127 USB gadgets of different kinds and dimensions. The 4 Port USB Hub features one USB Mini B type female input connector and standard A type up to 100mA current per port connectors to work as a versatile multiple-USB connecting device.

Safe and Small to Use

The 4 Port USB Hub features built-in protection capabilities that allow for a complete safeguarding against current spikes and voltage wavering. The LED indicator and power on/off button on this 4 Port USB Hub give you status updates from time to time and let you operate this device without any difficulty. The overall compact and light weight construction of this Hub let you carry and store it with ease. It’s well streamlined built with white lines make it look elegant.

Stylish & Efficient

Stylish designed with sleek lines in white. This compact and lightweight 4 port USB HUB features a switch and LED indicator for enhanced convenience and more organized space. This 4 port USB hub is a great choice to extend USB capabilities to your PC. With this handy Hub, you can connect various devices for enhanced interface data transfer. With this 4 port hub, upgrade your PC or laptop and get additional utility. It’s very useful specially when you use multiple peripherals like a microphone, mouse, keyboard, printer and webcam that run on USBs. Simply connect the hub into your computer and then plug in the remaining peripherals to the hub for use.

Power Packed Performance

The 4 port hub can support up to 127 devices and offers full over current protection. It is compatible with low-speed, high-speed, full-speed signalling rates. High Speed USB 2.0 size ensures faster transfer of data for enhanced performance. This hub also comes with a power option to connect heavy devices like printers, fax machines, scanners, and webcams. With this Hub its easier to set up your device with peripherals conveniently in different locations. A simple On/Off switch makes it easy to identify when in use and not.

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Free Standard Shipping Across India

100% Money Back Guarantee If Item Not Delivered*

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